We offer each Client the technological experience that both we and our suppliers have gained, to satisfy a particular needs, specific to their production and/or installation sector.  From steel mills to machining and hot or cold shaping of steel plates, as well as dealing with parts that are complex to produce, and extreme conditions.


The best known of our partners include: SMS Meer, a German Group founded in 1872, for which we have looked after the Wagner-Banning brand in Italy for more than 50 years.

Andritz SUNDWIG in the ANDRITZ Group.  LINSINGER, an Austrian Company that specialises in various sectors and, for a number of years, LEIFELD and GLAMA.

The French Company, LMB, known most of all in the aerospace sector, and CONVERGY that specialises in the electronics sector.

Our partners specialise in solutions for hot and cold fabrication of steel plating, forging of large and small size rings, and hot and cold turning of parts made of steel plating.  

We offer our Clients free consultancy on looking for and identifying the best technological solution that is most suitable for their production needs and the market. 

We work with our partners to assist the Client to define performance levels and layouts for machinery or plants. 

We are at their sides during installation and start-up, and provide after-sales service.

La Sicurezza al primo posto.
Per fronteggiare l’attuale emergenza sanitaria, vi presentiamo la Brochure Sicurezza Homberger Vol. 2, un insieme di prodotti necessari a fronteggiare in totale sicurezza questa emergenza che ci impone più attenzione verso noi stessi e verso gli altri.