The Motion Control division specialises in support with integrating components for industrial automation.  Our skills are based on a thorough knowledge of the products we handle. 

The MC division makes all its resources and skills available to support the client in all phases of the process, from certified sizing of individual components to checking integration and assistance with commissioning.  Our staff include area managers that provide the necessary leverage for developing applications via our technical department (contact your area manager).


Our suppliers are all leading international companies and, thanks to close collaboration with their technical departments, we are able to offer our clients the most technologically advanced solutions.

Our staff gather the demands and data required to size the components. During the study phase, solutions are proposed that differ in technology and specific nature, all of which are aimed at satisfying the application needs indicated.

Engineering of the application, consultancy on the technology to be applied, defining of components, and before and after-sales service are all features that do not imply additional costs.

Opened in 2016, the new division "Robotics 4.0" has strengthened its business by offering a range of collaborative robots and precision robots designed to automate production and logistics in small and medium-sized companies. We support the client in the development of a "safe collaborative application" so with the minimum residual risk for operators. Visit the official website:

La Sicurezza al primo posto.
Per fronteggiare l’attuale emergenza sanitaria, vi presentiamo la Brochure Sicurezza Homberger Vol. 2, un insieme di prodotti necessari a fronteggiare in totale sicurezza questa emergenza che ci impone più attenzione verso noi stessi e verso gli altri.

La precisione incontra l'efficienza con EvoGear di Nidec Greassner
EvoGear sintetizza, con la massima affidabilità, tutti i vantaggi di un riduttore ad alte prestazioni ed è rivolto a coloro che apprezzano un'elevata varietà di rapporti di riduzione ed un design elegante e facile da pulire.