The industrial products division works hand in hand with entrepreneurs that work metal, timber, and/or stone, to support them in their technological choices, identify the most effective solutions, and propose the most advanced technologies, the fruit of constant, ongoing research by our suppliers.

The companies for which we distribute products share high quality and the care taken to always offer solutions for very specific applications.  We specialise in machining steel plating using electric and pneumatic tools, and accessories for chamfering, bevelling, creating a satin finish, polishing and grinding.  Our range is completed by a line of battery-powered tools and office equipment.  Via a distribution network throughout the country, we will be able to provide the product required as quickly as possible, also with the support of our technicians always available to do tests and provide demonstrations on your premises.  Relying on our skill means always choosing the most suitable product based on the various needs, receiving consultancy on applications, and always being able to count on good after-sales service.

Our partners are all leading companies in their market segment, and in some cases we have been working them for many decades! Via them we offer our clients quality, competence and innovation.
All the most interesting items we have to offer at the best prices. Our special offers are available via all our dealers.
For further information download the pdf file, look for a dealer in your province, or contact us directly.
Our technicians are at your disposal for viewing and having demonstrations of our products.  With their in-depth knowledge of all the applications our tools can be used for, they will surely be able to propose the solution that is best suited to your needs.

Con grande soddisfazione presentiamo la nuova PROMOZIONE KRAFTWERK POWER SELECTION che ci accompagnerà fino al 31/12/2019!