Innovative solutions for industry

Since 1905 we provide innovative solutions from some of the best brands on the international market of the mechatronics industry together with a quality consulting service.

Our goal: make the production processes of the Italian manufacturing industry safer, more effective and efficient.

Products and Services
Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

Homberger markets and supports the integration of components for machine building, industrial equipment and industrial automation. It is available to Customers with its resources and skills, supporting them in every phase of the process, from the certified sizing of single components to the verification of the integration up to the support in the commissioning.

Professional Tools

Professional Tools

Homberger distributes some of the most important international tool manufacturers on the national territory such as Trumpf, Panasonic, Rodcraft, Kraftwerk and Eisenblaetter. It is alongside entrepreneurs and artisans, identifying the most effective and technologically advanced solutions for the required applications. It offers highly professional technical support that guarantees full customer satisfaction.

Robotics 4.0

Robotics 4.0

Homberger offers engineering services of research and development, feasibility studies, dimensioning and technical assistance, to help Customers in the development of new processes and in the re-engineering of existing infrastructures in light of the new paradigms of collaborative robotics.

Machinery and Plants

Machinery and Plants

Homberger offers specialized solutions in hot and cold sheet metal working, forging of small and large size rings, hot and cold flow forming of metal parts. In collaboration with the engineer and manufacturer, it supports the Customer in defining the performance and lay-out of the machine or system.

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Quality as FOCUS

As defined in our Quality Policy, Quality for Homberger means satisfying its customers, both internal and external, generating profit through the effectiveness of its people and its organization.
Customer satisfaction, the effectiveness of people and the organization and corporate profit are pursued through continuous improvement of business processes.
Homberger has based its quality system on ethical principles, summarized in the code of ethics.

Homberger has based its quality system on the basis of
principles ethics summarized in the code of ethics.

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