Homberger Spa

Since 1905 at Homberger we have been working for continuous improvement, innovation and constant consolidation of our products and services. This choice leads us into the future, seeking the loyalty of two major customer segments: craft and industrial companies. We provide a unique offer of highly qualified pre and post sales consulting service, which grows with the support of our collaborators and the technical offices of our partners.

Vision: make the production processes of the Italian manufacturing industry safer, more effective and efficient.
Mission: provide innovative solutions of some of the best brands present on the international market of the mechatronics industry together with a consulting service in quality.


  • Focus on the Customer
  • Leadership and Responsibility
  • Continuous improvement
  • Respect of deadlines
  • Mutual trust


All our partners are leading companies in their market sector. We have been collaborating with some of them for many decades!

Through them we offer quality, competence and innovation to our customers.


Web Services

Web consulting service, technical information and our Web Store are always available to customers through the website www.homberger.com.

Thanks to the Web Store you can check autonomously and in real time the catalog of some of Homberger’s products and the availability in stock, placing any order from the comfort of your office or smartphone without needing to contact our internal sales office.



The logistics center of Genova-Busalla is available to our Customers, Dealers and sales network to quickly meet their needs and urgent deliveries.

Over 70,000 orders managed, handled and shipped with a punctuality rate of 93.5%.

In 2020 we implemented two new automated warehouses for even faster and more efficient delivery management.